Combustion Applications

Combustion Applications
1. Internal Combustion Engine Control

Since the engine produces power through the combustion action in the cylinder under rapidly changing operating conditions, it is necessary to control sophisticated combustion conditions in order to achieve the target performance and exhaust gas levels. For this reason, more and more sensors and complicated control logic are used for recent engines (especially automobile engines). We are studying to develop efficient control logic with less development cost by deriving optimal combustion condition through Engine Cycle Simulation and combining new ideas such as Virtual Sensor using Neural Network with Virtual Engine Model.

2. ICE Numerical analysis

An internal combustion engine is a device that converts thermal energy obtained by combustion of fuel into mechanical work. During this process, the characteristics of the combustion depend on various parameters and boundary conditions related to each other. It is ICE Numerical analysis that solves a given problem by predicting it using 1-D cycle simulation and 3-D combustion and flow analysis through calculation of nonlinear equations and simultaneous equations using given condition and correlation derived from several coefficients. The ICE Numerical Analysis has the advantage of significantly reducing the time and expense required for experimentation by establishing related variables and predicting engine performance.

3. Combustor Design & Analysis

The gas turbine combustor plays a role of mixing and combusting the compressed air introduced from the compressor and the fuel injected inside the combustor to produce a high-energy combustion gas. The structural design of the combustor has an enormous influence on effective mixing of fuel and compressed air and efficient and reliable combustion. Through aerodynamic analysis, the idea of various structural design is derived, and the whole process including combustion reaction is analyzed through simulation, aiming at designing combustor with high efficiency, environment friendly and fuel flexibility.

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